Trimelón invests either themselves or by exclusive mandate on behalf of investors with high credit ratings in real estate at asset level, whereby the building owner, financing bank and property owners all benefit, together.

From a co-investor perspective, we optimise the investment so that the co-investor benefits from substantial equity capital savings, yield increases, improved cash-on-cash, as well as tax benefits and a tailored financing.

The advantage for bank which finances the building of the club deal structure, is improved collateral. I.e., the bank loan is backed by a higher, relative to full ownership, operating cash flow and improved financial ratios (DSCR / ICR).

In the context of our club deals, for us, it is a matter of course that we offer holistic solutions. By this we mean the identity of interests between building owners, the financing bank and property owners. Trimelón acts as an intermediary between the real estate- and financial market.